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Camelia Poppy

A unique,  colourful, cool, posh, beautiful range of designer dogs coats, clothing for cats, knitwear, dresses,  hoodies,  cotton t shirts

All sweaters  HAND KNITTED!


A leading newspaper said

"fit for the catwalk,

striking designs and colours"  

These are also great for cats. Got a cat?

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This site has everything for lovers of dogs, pups and puppies, canines, mongrels, mutt, hound and pooch - man's best  friend... especially the smaller ones. Excellent for those who own them, love them, walk them, breed them, foster  them, take care of them, worship them from afar and simply like to cuddle them. Please feel free to look through everything at your leisure and enjoy and make good use of the forum too.

The site for those who are into puppies, pups, cats and dogs.  Are you a dog owner?  A trainer? Whichever breed is your favourite this is the site for you. Take advantage of this chance to look at the forum and find out a lot more info.

Ideal for anyone who is into the mutt, canine, mongrels,

pooch, mans' best friend, hound or cool or posh pet wear and apparel.

Carmel started this venture just a few years ago because she loves her babies and she also loves style, colour and sparkle.  She was fed up with having to pay out large amounts of money to buy quite ordinary stuff from shops and wanted something which was well made, more dazzling, more original and very comfortable and realised the only way she could do this was to make the things herself. She now shows you her ideas so that you can do this too. See this coat on the right? It can look so much better when it is jazzed up!

Go into any of the normal shops or look at any of the normal sites and you will see there is a lack of choice yet very huge prices attached to most.  I have seen some very ordinary things which cost about ten times as much as some of the ones I have, yet mine are better and when I walk down the road with one of my babies in them everyone stops me and asks me where I got it from.  It is great to be able to say that I made it and nobody has one the same.  Yet in just a few minutes I can knock one up that is similar or the same if I want to. I now  have a collection of sequins and other embellishments all ready for whenever I want to do more.













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